The Music Lesson

When you learn the difference between playing notes and tapping into the ‘wholeness’ of Music, you become absorbed in something infinitely greater than your self.

Some Inspiration from reading The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth through Music, by Victor Wooten. Bass guitarist.

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Author: Late Bloom Violinist

At age 70+ I laid down my novel writing pen and took up an old violin. #betterlatethannever #latebloomer

3 thoughts on “The Music Lesson”

  1. Hi there Bloom. How long have you been playing? What kind of music? I’m 60 and I started fiddling in the last year. I found it a struggle at first, but getting easier. I also play clawhammer banjo and button accordion.


    1. I’ve been playing violin for about 18 months. Started with a Suzuki teacher. At some point, I wanted to break out of classical and start playing fiddle music. I’ve been working mostly out of The Fiddler’s Fakebook. Jigs are my favorite!

      Now I alternate between Suzuki and fiddling. It’s still a struggle for me but a fun one. So much to learn. I’m never bored!


  2. I’m having fun too. I’m taking an online course – learning by ear – fiddle for adult learners, and also learning from videos online and also some sheet music. I know the old time repertoire for banjo and that helps. Also learning some Canadian tunes – I’m Canadian – including some jigs and reels.


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